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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Not long ago, the little Beast was struggling to fit an arm into the nose hole on his Mr. Potatohead without success. Frustrated, he threw the toy to the ground and growled, "Daaammit!".

Shocked, I asked him "What did you say?"

He repeated it clear as a bell. I tried to stay disapproving, but could barely hold back laughter. I said, "Go tell Dad what you said."

I followed him into the kitchen where he repeated the curse to Dad. Dad asked, "Where did you learn that word?"

I thought for sure he was going to blame Dad or Auntie or some character on television, but no. Without a second's hesitation, the little Beast pointed an accusing finger at me and said matter-of-factly, "From Mommy."

Oops. Busted by a two-year old.


kbreints said...

oh yeah... word cops are on the way!!

Cari said...

Yeah, since he started talking we can't get away with anything. He tells on me ALL THE TIME. If I lose my cool and yell at him, or if Grandma gives him ice cream before dinner, he'll rat us out to anyone who'll listen!

beausarmywife4life said...

Haha!! When Sydnie was about 3 she told me to "Clean that crap up".

Cari said...

LOL! I hate those moments when you hear your own words come out of their mouths and realize, "Wow. I'm kind of a jerk."

Rachel said...

Soooo busted!

I have to admit the worst I ever heard from my mom as a kid was when she was driving. Everyone else was either a moron or an idiot. We didn't dare repeat her, but it was hilarious watching it!

Ahh... your kids always offer a great little mirror, don't they? :)

At least he repeated it at HOME!

Stesha said...

Looks like someone(mommy)could use a time-out:)

Hugs and Mocha,

Kameron said...

That's so going to happen to me. I need to wear one of those dog collars that zaps you (in my case) every time I curse!!

Paige said...

I feel your pain. I've got two little "repeaters" at my house, too. We were camping not too long ago and on our last day there, our puppy had an accident on the carpet. My 4 year old yelled out "The puppy $h*t the floor". And she just kept saying it over and over. Can't say she got that from tv. : ( Oops!

BluRayn said...

LOL ratted out by the kidlings! The rule around here is that "OTHER" people say those kinda words, but not "US" (cuz they're hearing it from their friends) But then when Mommy or Daddy slips up and they just give us that look...well...LOL Busted!!!