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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sorry About the Mess

It started out as a good weekend. After church today, we stopped by the mall so that I could spend a gift certificate. JCPenney was having a grand opening celebration so we headed there first. It was really nice, everything spanking new and sparkling. At least until we got there.

We hadn't been in the store 10 minutes when the little Beast defiled their pristine floors with a couple hundred gallons of vomit. And I just happened to be holding him at the time, so me, him and the shiny new floor were covered in puke. Of course, he had to lose it directly in front of an entrance and a checkout station, so that we could ensure the largest possible audience. Even worse, we were 2 steps from a table full of celebratory cupcakes, and I'm sure the nasty smell was doing nothing for the appetites of Penney's patrons. To top it all off, I hadn't packed a change of clothes in the diaper bag, so I had to strip the little Beast and myself down to our undershirts and stuff our stinky wet clothes into a a plastic shopping sack I begged from a disgruntled and disgusted employee. I won't be showing my face in that store again for a loooooongtime. I got out of there as fast as I could, but it was definitely one of my more embarrassing moments.
(Don't worry - the little Beast is doing okay. Sleeping soundly thanks to a little bit of Tylenol.)


kbreints said...

Oh my god!! Hoe embaressing! I am glad to hear that he is feeling better though!!

Rachel said...

Thoroughly embarrassing... and definitely a time to remember that Mom's surely earn their pay! (kisses and hugs and sweet moments from otherwise on-the-go kiddos!)

Thanks for the laugh! Well, NOW you can laugh about it, right?