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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Better Be Good For Goodness' Sake

Another couple of funnies from the mouth of Miss SmartyPants. She really started to question the extent of Santa's authority this past Christmas. She was very concerned about her status on Santa's list, which led to some pretty funny convos with her mommy. Here are two examples:

One evening, Miss SmartyPants was being Miss SmartyMouth. Mommy warned Miss SP that talking back might land her in hot water with Santa, and reminded her that Santa can see everything she does and hear everything she says. Miss SP shut her mouth momentarily, then spouted off, "Does he know what I'm thinking?"

Another evening during bathtime, Miss SmartyPants was acting up. Mommy SmartyPants warned that Santa was watching and might put Miss SP on his naughty list for her bad behavior. This was very upsetting to Miss SmartyPants so she settled right down. A moment later she asked, "Mommy can I whisper something to you?" (presumably so that Santa couldn't hear). She whispered into mommy's ear, "If Santa writes my name on the naughty list, do you think he'll put it in permanent marker?"