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Monday, January 26, 2009

Terror in the Skies

When I was 7 and my sister was 5, we traveled by plane to visit our father. Alone. Without a chaperone. Our behavior was so deplorable that, on our return home, an airline official met my mother at the gate to inform her we were banned from ever traveling that airline again. I don't remember exactly which act got us 86'ed from the friendly skies, but perhaps it had something to do with this:

A young girl traveling with her mother was seated in front of us. Throughout the flight she kept turning around to brag about the various toys, snacks and activities her mother brought along to entertain her. My sister's irritation and envy built with every mile of that trip, finally reaching it's breaking point when the girl pushed her sparkling pink My Little Pony under sister's nose and asked, "Do you like my pony?"

Sister replied with a smirk, "Sure, your pony's pretty, but your mama's ugly!"