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Monday, January 26, 2009

Let the Euphemisms Begin!

The other day I was changing the little Beast's diaper while talking on the phone with my sister. The little Beast reached down and started tugging and pulling on things that dangle "down there". He kept trying to interrupt my phone conversation to ask, "What these?" but I kept shushing him, telling him, "Not now, Mommy's on the phone." In truth, I didn't want to answer the question at all, especially since everything I learned in 7th Grade Health class had suddenly evaded the grasp of my memory. For the life of me, I could not remember the scientific term for the body part he was presently squeezing and squashing. I asked my sister desperately, "What should I tell him?" but she couldn't hear me over her own hysterical laughter. The Beast's questioning became louder and more insistent, flustering me until I snapped out, "They're your balls!" Oops, perhaps not the best answer, but it did at least shut him up. The Beast was quiet for a moment, considering my answer as he tilted his head to carefully study the appendage in question. Then he straightened up and announced brightly, "Yeah! They my footballs!"


Lori said...

kerstin sent me your blog link, i have read a few posts and you are a hilariously good writer! you got me hooked!