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Monday, January 26, 2009

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday
See those marks on the little Beast's left cheek? He drew them with the Moonlit Mauve lipstick he swiped out of Grandma's makeup bag. Three days ago. Of course he would use the long-lasting, 16-hour lip color that promises to stay on even if you decide to drink nuclear waste. We've tried soap, makeup remover, baby oil, even non-toxic nail polish remover. No amount of scrubbing will get rid of it. Cover Girl claims their lip color is "food, kiss and workout-proof". Too bad it's not child-proof!


Eds said...

Such a gorgeous sight! Love his smile! :)

Happy wordless...

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

The lipstick still being there is too funny. Cute boy too.

Tell Me Thursday said...

WOW! I'm ready to go buy some of that lipstick now! You should submit this photo as a testimonial for the company. LOL!

By the way, this is a great story - you might like our meme at Tell Me Thursday - you can make your WW really wordless and STILL tell the story! Give it a try!