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Sunday, May 17, 2009

WinnerS and Pictures: I Heart Seattle

I'm super excited to announce the winner of my wicked-awesome Seattle prize pack because I really do love this place:
the Space Needle. (Taken from my car while driving in rush hour traffic, not technically legal, but who could resist that cool view?)

Mount Rainier at Sunset

A Forest Road (taken from my car while not driving)

Freight ship entering the Puget Sound

Beachfront at Dash Point State Park

What a great city, huh? The selected winner of the I Heart Seattle Giveaway should have been commenter #21, none other than the funny, sweet and oh-so-generous BlogBaby. But her comment says "No need to enter me for the contest..." and when I contacted her to tell her she was technically the winner, she said that she would be thrilled if I would make someone else's day by selecting them as the recipient for all those fabulous Seattle-made goodies! And that blessed person, also selected by, is:

Shonni of Nations Around Our Table. Congratulations! Please contact me via email before Friday to claim your prize or I'll have to choose another winner.

And speaking of another winner: It was so much fun reading all the things you loved about Seattle that I decided to award prizes for my 5 favorite comments about Seattle!!

I'll be mailing some yummy Seattle goodies to each of the following fabulous FIVE folks. (Dontcha love alliteration? I felt a smidge like MckMama typing that, LOL!)

Runners Up:
Heather at But I Don't Want To Be A Cowboy for her entertaining blog post about her trip to Seattle (read it here!)

DiPaola Momma of Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom for this funny and totally accurate comment:

"Where oh were should I start with the "I love"s? let's see.. I LOVE the new layout! You already know I love Beauty's big flower headband! I love that Beast owns his status. I love how you make me giggle... Now on to Seattle. I love Puget Sound (did I spell that right?). It's so serene. Then I love the fish market. I'm a fresh fish girl and it don't get no fresher than dat! I love the vibe in Seattle, sort of brainy-hippie meets angst and creativity. I don't love the weather 10 months of the year though. So sign me up.. cuz one last thing.. I LOVE THE COFFEE AND I NEED IT!!!!"

Mikki Black of Here's What Let's Do for her heartfelt nostalgia and shameless sweet-talking:

"How awesome are you?! (Aside from the re-design, I mean.) I almost never go to the contests featured on the Sunday Shout-outs, but I couldn't pass yours up. I am soooooooooooo homesick for Seattle. We went to college in Kirkland - right on the other side of Lake Washington - and used to hop the bus over the bridge ALL the time to wander about in the city. I want that basket so bad, I can smell the Sound! (hope I win and thanks for the chance!)"

Margaret of Nanny Goats in Panties because she left a fun comment listing some of my own favorite Seattle places, and well, really, the name of her blog just cracks me up!

"I came over here from SITS because you were the commenter before me and now this????? A contest? OK let's see...the thing I like about Seattle besides Starbucks? Hmmmm. Uhhhh, the weather? Yeah, that's it. The weather. And don't you have a needle in space? That's kinda cool. And there used to be a Ye Olde Curiosity Shop down by the water maybe? I don't really remember, I was a kid. And the Pacific Science Center, that was fun. Did I mention Starbucks already? Do you guys have Starbucks up there? OK, but seriously... I think I missed your previous banner, but I really like your new one! Very cool!"

Christina of Rant-Rave-Roll because her brown-nosing made me chuckle. She left this comment:

"Holy Cow! Is this Extreme Blog Makeover? It looks awesome! And Seattle... One of the things I love and make Seattle great is that you live there... OK.. ok.. I know! Total suck-up momnet. It is green... is that better?"

Winners, please contact me at with your mailing address and I will send off your prizes! Thanks to everyone who entered, especially those of you who follow my blog. This was a really fun contest for me - I wish I could give you all prizes! Fortunately, I am just a few days away from my 100th post and will be having another giveaway to celebrate, so stay tuned for a chance to win a new prize her at Not Quite A Fairytale.... Beauty and the little Beast!


MaryAnne said...

Great photos - I especially like the forest road, looks like a beautiful place.

DiPaola Momma said...

Isn't Mt. R just like total proof that God is haning arround? It's just breath taking. Thanks for the linky wub AND ofcourse for the COFFEEEEEE!

Mighty M said...

Hurray for Seattle!

Christina said...

Well, you definitely caught some of the beauty of Seattle in those photos! Awesome!

Wow! I never thought I'd benefit from being a suck up, but I guess I was wrong. Hmmm... maybe I should try this more often? Nah, it's just not me! Your terrific and I love your blog sweetie! (Really! It's the truth. No brown-nosing here!)

Shonni said...

Hello Carebear,
How fun this give away was...thank you.
I couldn't get the email to work that you sent to me...
could you email me at
so that I can make sure I am getting the right address.
Thank you again,

Melinda said...

I am in love with the Forest Road photo! The sun flair is beautiful!!

Michaela said...

Those pictures were great! Congrats to the winners =)

Heather said...

You are awesome! Thank you so much! You're pictures made me want to hop on a plane right now and fly to Seattle. said...

Gosh, that is beautiful!

Susie said...

Great pictures and congrats to the winners:-)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Oh, I loves me some Seattle. That would be the number one place I would live, if I could choose. Dash Point Park is so much fun! I could go on and on, thank you for sharing the pictures! :-)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Woo hoo! You are too awesome! And not just cause you're giving me stuff! You are so going into my Thank You Letters section in an upcoming post.

Megan said...

Those are great pics! LOVE the one of Mt. Rainier!

I didn't enter cuz I live here and thought I should give the non-natives all the chances to win. Hahaha! What a fun giveaway though!

Congrats to the winner(s) and I love the comments you posted. Too funny!